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Pencil Poppers

Pencil Poppers


 Possibly my favorite plug to use as there is nothing better than seeing fish smash these things on the surface in a violent explosion.

These are available in 2oz at 6 1/4 inches or 3oz and 7.5 inches. They cast like absolute missiles and dance with ease on the surface. And due to the blanks being sealed in epoxy you won't have to worry about water intrusion killing their action after extended use. Pencil poppers were one of the reasons I started building plugs. I got sick of my favorite pencil poppers getting water logged and losing their action after catching a couple striped bass or bluefish. And speaking of bluefish, these pencils hold up incredibly well to them. Sealing the wood blanks in epoxy makes them very hard so so the wood is much less prone to denting witch is the main cause on the topcoat on a plug to fail. This along with an incredibly hard topcoat makes them extremely durable even to the big gorilla blues!

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Pencil Popper in BunkerPencil Popper in BunkerPencil Popper in HerringPencil Popper in White/ Blue HeadPencil Popper in HerringPencil Popper in Mackeral